ARC Quitasueño (112)


ARC Quitasueño of the Colombian Navy - formally the USS Tacoma PG-92

The following letter was received by one of our crewmembers researching the current status of the USS TACOMA (PG-92).

Dear Sir:

It is with much pleasure that I give response to your letter of Dec 1, 1997, which I received today owing to the fact that we found our self sailing from the first days of the month of December 1997.

I inform you that EX-USS TACOMA(PG92) is actually to be found in the service of and at the orders of the Coast Guard Command of Colombia which belongs to the National Armada of this country and it's name since the first of September, 1983 is the ARC "QUITASUEÑO" (SLEEPLESS) no 112.

During the 14 years of continuous service in the Armada of the Republic of Colombia it has completed innumerable operations of patrol, search and rescue, capture of shipments of contraband, illicit substances and training missions with the U. S. Coast Guard and the U. S. Navy.

Actually, its only operational limitation is owed to the failure of the LM-1500 turbine, which needs an overhaul and because of its elevated cost has not been performed. Nevertheless, all of the other systems of the principal motor and its auxiliary are to be found in an excellent state of maintenance. It's maritime presentation has always been something that has characterized this ship by its good looks, which makes it stand out from the rest of the Armada National.

The cannon 3/50 is still functioning in good shape with all of its accessories. On the poop of the ship there has been installed a manual type Boffors 40 mm in good state.

In general the condition of the ship is very good and for this reason as Commander I have been decorated on two occasions for the work done in the refitting of the same, which 3 years ago was found in a critical situation and close to being decommissioned, but thanks to the will of the Command of the Armada and the special wish of the officers and crew of this unit, we could not allow this to happen, working hard in the refitting of all of the ship's systems.

In as far as personnel of the ship, the ARC "QUITASUEÑO, is operated by 5 officers, 20 crew members and 3 civilians (2 cooks and 1 welder), who stand out for their esprit de corps and their love of this ship.

I find myself aboard since July 7, 1994. I was the second in command for a year and from June 15, 1995, I am the Commander, where I hope to be deployed, until November 1998, the date in which I must attend the Special Naval War College in the city of Santa Fe de Bogota.

Possibly, we will be in port here at the Naval Base ARC "Bolivar" in Cartagena until the 19th of January, 1998, at which time we will leave to complete a new mission and we hope to return in a month to our principal base located in the North Coast of Colombia on the on the shores of the Caribbean, in the beautiful and historic City of Cartagena de Indias.

My wish is that the reunion of ex-crew members of the ship becomes a reality, for which reason I send a special greeting by way of a recent photograph, which I hope will be exhibited on that occasion.

Capitan de Corbeta, Plinio Alberto Garcia Garavito
Commander of the ARC "QUITASUEÑO"